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MMF Super Bowl Ring

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MMF Super Bowl Ring

Post by Bradysenior on Mon Dec 21, 2009 11:38 pm

okay fellas as you know I will be supplying the winner with the coveted MMF trophy at seasons end and some of you close to me know that i've found a place that will make a MMF Super Bowl Ring. The only way i'm doing this is after a few seasons and I know that the players involved a sim based players. The ring cost $95 w/ mold fee of $50. So the 1st ring would be $145 and 95 their after so you must understand why I say hardcore sim players only should we go that route. But to show you how serious I really have thought about the bling take a look at this:


Now isn't that sweet. Lets give it 3 full season all sim and I will take a stab at ordering this for the winner!! how smooth would that be!!

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