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NCAA Rules

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NCAA Rules

Post by Bradysenior on Sat Jul 17, 2010 2:25 pm

These rules are the same in all games vs CPU or versus another user.

6 minute quarters
All-American skill level
Heisman recruiting level

Coaches Option
You are allowed 1 coach option per game. This includes trick plays, or anything that is listed below that is restricted. If you go for it on 4th down when the rules say you cant, or anything else listed below, that counts as a coaches option.

Option Play
The QB is NOT allowed to pitch the ball once he has been wrapped up by the defender and is going down. It is almost impossible for the QB to pitch the ball before any contact is made. But if you run a lot of options, you should be well aware of the speed of the game and any lag.

You can audible only once per play. You can change your audibles before kickoff, at halftime, or after a time out. You can not pause the game and change them unless you call a timeout. If you call an audible on offense, you need to allow time for the defense to set even if he calls an audible himself.

Defensive Control
You can control any defensive player. However, if you get a user sack with a DL, you can no longer user-sack the quarterback for the remainder of the series as a DL. This includes click-offs(when your player gets close to the quarterback, you select another player, thus allowing a computer controlled sack)

Depth Charts

* TE can play FB and vice versa
* LB can play any LB position
* DB can play any DB position
* DL can play any DL position
* Highest rated WR cannot be #3 or #4. Do NOT abuse high speed WR's in the 3, 4 or 5 spots. They should not be leading the team in receiving.
* Anyone can play PR/KR

4th Down
You can go for it on 4th down...

* When losing in the 4th quarter
* When losing by 21 points or more
* 4th and inches
* 4th and goal inside the 5 yard line

Clock Management
You can kill clock...

* When up by over 21 points in the 2nd half
* Inside the 2 minute warnings

You can manually motion 1 player (and back if you want to set position) per play. Do not overuse the ability for a WR to block on a running play.

Hurry Up Offense
You can run the no huddle offense...

* 1 play per series anytime
* Inside the 2 minute warnings
* When down by 21 or more points
* NEVER after an incomplete pass

2-Pt Conversions
You can attempt a 2-point conversion/onside kick when the game situation calls for it. Normally when Corso is calling for it is the proper time.

When punting, the ball must...

* Land out of bounds or end zone
* Be catchable

QB Rollout
Is entirely up to you. The Option offense is a staple of college football, so it would be silly not to let you use an option QB to the full extent of his abilities. But I don’t want people to call passing plays with no intention of passing the ball. I also don’t want to see anyone dropping back 12-20 yards or sprinting to the sideline with the QB and then lobbing it up. Just because you have an option QB does NOT give you the option of rolling out simply to roll out. Rolling out of the pocket is allowed IF it is the design of the play called in the huddle OR if you're forced to by a blitz. Play action is also not to be abused. Just be smart about QB running and we will be fine.

* Excessive or unnecessary QB roll out/drop back is strictly prohibited. It is a known fact that this year there are a lot of issues with the defensive AI. Not to mention this type of play style is universally considered cheese. The only time you may do this is to avoid an imminent sack. You CAN run legitimate option runs, you CANNOT drop back 20 yards just to wait for the D to break down and find an open receiver.

* If fielding a punt inside your 10 yard line you CANNOT return it past your 20 yard line. We feel this rule is necessary due to the unfair advantage the special return teams have. So you have three options: 1. Move the returner away from the ball, and let the ball bounce until touched by opposing team. 2. Fair catch the ball. 3. Return the ball to your 20 yard line by catching it and getting out of bounds.

* If the kickoff is 3 yards or deeper within your endzone you must fair catch the ball. Again this is due to the special teams AI. If the ball is borderline endzone, then its ok to return it.

If you are trailing in the 4th quarter, the punt and kick regulations do not apply.

* Pre-snap defensive movement is allowed in order to correct a play/play art bug. There are certain defensive plays (particularly in zone) where defenders are covering the wrong side of the field. You may have two dime backs in flat assignments, and due the glitch they run across the field to cover the opposite flats after the snap. You can move those defenders to their corresponding spots. Again this rule was meant to prevent players from creating unrealistic "nano" blitzes; and that remains the same.

* Due to the way the defensive AI is this year, we are asking members to be more conscious about mixing their play calling.

Position Changes

* In the spirit of everything at position changes are to be handled the same way. Players should only be moved to a position if it makes sense. If there is a need at a position, if the player is buried on the roster are great reason to move a player. If a player has a skill set that will allow him to perform well somewhere else is encouraged. As long as it makes sense. 5’11 TE’s with 93 speed don’t make sense. A slow wideout with size does.

Running Up The Score

* I do not want to see people passing and scoring when it's not needed and/or they are already up big. You should have in all of your second team. Even though it’s the computer we don’t want results skewed giving someone a unfair advantage somehere because they abused the computers AI. Also if your up by 35pts you must mass sub in your 2nd or 3rd string.

Super Sim

* Owners will NOT use the super sim feature. It will run up the score and create skewed statistical results.

Punter/Kicker Rule

* A team must make a strong effort to recruit kickers and punters. A team may get caught and have to double up a specialty player. That is fine for only one season. If a team gets to a second year of having only one kicker or punter, that team must use a non specialty player to punt as punishment for not expending recruiting time on kickers and punters

#1 or #2 WR in the Slot & HB at FB

* This will be allowed once per set of downs and never twice in a row. Do not abuse this. If you run a playbook that has 3 RB/FB in the backfield. The RB's MUST play the RB position. You CANNOT sub in HB's at the FB spot.

Anyone found to be a habitual offender of breaking these rules will be dealt with and replaced.


It would be in your best interest to mix up your plays as often as possible to keep the realism of the game of football.

Rules are subject to change and to be added to.

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Re: NCAA Rules

Post by Bradysenior on Tue Aug 03, 2010 11:04 am

read & understood

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Re: NCAA Rules

Post by capofreak83 on Tue Aug 03, 2010 5:34 pm

Read an understood

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Re: NCAA Rules

Post by AMRI SUPRA7M on Tue Aug 03, 2010 7:26 pm

read n understood

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Re: NCAA Rules

Post by pickle 4 187 on Wed Aug 11, 2010 6:22 am

i read them here its all good

pickle 4 187

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Re: NCAA Rules

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