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BCS College News

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BCS College News

Post by Bradysenior on Wed Aug 04, 2010 2:25 pm

BCS College News

Week 3 Edition
9/11 Respect Issue

"May god be with those we lost on such a horrible day and to be with the families as they still recover and mourn".

Top Stories: Week 3

Quitting & Rules:
After 1 week we had a few issues with the rules being broken, and i'm here to nip it in the bud early that way we have an enjoyable experience here at the MMF.
A. Restarts- as we know the EA servers are garbage and will continue from time to time to kick you offline after a cpu match just try and log back on when prompted and go from their. Now their have been cases where it locks up, this is excusable and you will be able to restart once. But whats not cool is your losing a close game to a top team and you make up a lame excuse and really you just powered down your system to stave off the imminent L is not tolerated and I will keep track of a list 3 strikes and your out period.

B.Quitting- Would you like it if your putting together a league full of your buds and just because someone can't take a loss they quit on you after you take it upon yourself to personally invite them due to you feeling their very reliable, just hurts more than anything. But also gets you pissed at the fact that you have to question if they're going to reliable ever again. NO QUITTING FROM THIS POINT FORWARD, if you feel that your not able to follow the rules of this league to the T then just bow out now and I won't question it, but don't have me making your sked threads and then you dip.

C. Read the Rules- Please all members of the dynasty must read the rules and post that you have read them. That way you know what is required of all of us here at the MMF.

Open Slots:
Well as you know we lost West Virginia in the back hills way before the season started, thus leaving us with 3 slots. 1-Big East & 2-Big XII in which could give us 12 solid users fighting for our BCS prizes, so stay tuned and spread the word to solid sim & active players that can adhere to the rules of the MMF.

Game of the Week: Week 3
Louisville 1-1 @ Oregon State 0-1
Predictions: Corso/Kirk Oregon State; Brady Oregon State by 6+

Keys to Victory:

Louisville: After a comeback win last week vs BC, its gonna take a mistake free gameplan from Savage Nation to pull off the upset win on the road.

Oregon State: After a disappointing loss at home in week 1 vs Michigan, Pickle and his squad look to rebound big against a red hot Cardinals squad. Their best way to win this game is to continue to mix up their plays and minimize the fumbles.

Beavers naw on Cardinal meat to the tune of 21-34 final

BCS Rankings: Coming Soon

Top 25 Rankings: Week 3 (users highlighted)
1(1) Ohio State(37) 2-0 1501
2(2) Alabama(21) 2-0 1422
3(3) Boise State(2) 1-0 1346
4(4) Texas(1) 2-0 1294
5(5) Florida 2-0 1242
6(6) TCU 2-0 1191
7(7) Nebraska 2-0 1140
8(Cool Iowa 2-0 1089
9(9) Wisconsin 1-0 1039
10(14) Oklahoma 2-0 797
11(13) Virginia Tech 1-1 795
12(15) LSU 2-0 761
13(17) Arkansas 2-0 653
14(12) Miami 1-1 599
15(18) Pittsburgh 1-1 561
16(19) Georgia Tech 1-1 529
17(20) Utah 2-0 515
18(21) Cincinnati 2-0 470
19(16) Penn State 1-1 436
20(10) Oregon 0-2 430
21(22) Houston 2-0 426
22(23) South Carolina 2-0 382
23(24) West Virginia 2-0 351
24(11) USC 1-1 336
25(NR) Tennessee 2-0 331

* subject to change due to 3 open dynasty slots

Stat Leaders-Week 3
1.Potts, Taylor-
QB Texas Tech
113att 69comp 1int 14td 1169yds

2.Padron, Kyle
120att 59comp 3int 4td 883yds

3. Gabbert, Blaine-
QB Missouri
72att 52comp 1int 4td 790yds

4.Brantley, John
QB Florida
86att 44comp 2int 6td 679yds

5.Kinne, GJ
QB Tulsa
83att 47comp 3int 2td 669yds

1.Adams, Josh
HB Wake Forest
61att 0fum 15lng 6tds 315yds

2.Johnson, Desmond
HB Southern Miss
59att 0fum 13lng 2td 296yds

3.Bolden, Brandon
HB Ole Miss
54att 0fum 15lng 5td 289yds

1.Torres, Alexander
WR Texas Tech
20cat 0drp 72lng 5tds 355yds

2.Jackson, Jerrell
WR Missouri
15cat 0drp 76lng 3tds 331yds

3.Williams, Malcolm
WR Texas
16cat 1drp 61lng 3tds 325yds

1.Paulk, Rodney
MLB South Carolina
0ff 0fr 0int 0sks 0tfl 13tkl

MLB Michigan
1ff 0fr 0int 1sks 1tfl 13tkl

3.Byrd, Kershal
LOLB Tulane
0ff 0fr 0int 1.5sks 4tfl 12tkl

Heisman Watch: Week 3
1. Mark Ingram-HB
Alabama (-)

2. Case Keenum-QB
Houston (-)

3. Kellen Moore-QB
Boise State (-)

4. Terrelle Pryor-QB
Ohio State (-)

5. Roy Helu JR-HB
Nebraska (up)

Pre-Season All-Americans:

1st Team:
Mark Ingram-Bama
Julio Jones-Bama
Rodney Hudson-FSU
Marcell Dareus-Bama
Josh Chapman-Bama
Jerrell Harris-Bama
Nico Johnson-Bama
Dre Kirkpatrick-Bama
Robbie Green-Bama
Mark Barron-Bama
Greg Reid-FSU

2nd Team:
James Rodgers-Oregon State
James Carpenter-Bama
Bryant Browning-OSU
Cameron Heyward-OSU
Stephen Paea-Oregon State
Mark Herzlich-BC
Courtney Upshaw-Bama
Chimdi Chekwa-OSU
Markus Wheaton-Oregon State

Toughest Places to Play: (users only)
#3 Alabama 92,138
#4 Ohio State 105,096
#8 Oregon 58,378
#22 Florida State 80,532
#23 Michigan 110,026


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