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BCS College News

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BCS College News

Post by Bradysenior on Fri Sep 10, 2010 8:41 am

BCS College News

Week 12 Edition

Top Stories: Week 12

Welcome to Week 12!
Remember to visit to publish your own stories.

=============== #1 Alabama Crimson Tide (10-0) ===============
Last week, Alabama won 35-0 against Mississippi State (7-3).
This week, the Crimson Tide will host Notre Dame (6-4).
In recruiting news, the following Alabama targets have announced their decisions:
- (***) WR Dan Kerr has committed to Alabama

=============== #12 Florida State Seminoles (7-3) ===============
Last week, Florida State won 17-10 against Clemson (6-4).
This week, the Seminoles travel to College Park to face the Maryland Terrapins (7-3).
In recruiting news, the following Florida State targets have announced their decisions:
- (***) RT Doug Wise has committed to UCF
- (***) MLB Mike Vincent has committed to Florida State

=============== Louisville Cardinals (5-5) ===============
Last week, Louisville lost 32-14 against USF (4-5).
This week, the Cardinals will host #22 West Virginia (6-2).
In recruiting news, the following Louisville targets have announced their decisions:
- (*) C James Thornburg has committed to Louisville
- (***) LG Michael Hawkins has committed to Virginia

=============== #5 LSU Tigers (9-1) ===============
Last week, LSU won 56-0 against UL Monroe (4-6).
This week, the Tigers will host #25 Ole Miss (7-3).
In recruiting news, the following LSU targets have announced their decisions:
- (***) WR Daniel McFadden has committed to UCF
- (****) LOLB Corey Barnett has committed to Wisconsin
- (***) LG Garrett Watson has committed to LSU
- (***) CB Stacy Ferwerda has committed to LSU

=============== #2 Michigan Wolverines (9-0) ===============
Last week, Michigan won 31-7 against Purdue (4-6).
This week, the Wolverines will host #16 Wisconsin (7-2).

=============== #23 Texas Longhorns (6-4) ===============
Last week, Texas won 24-17 against Oklahoma State (7-3).
This week, the Longhorns will host Florida Atlantic (3-6).
In recruiting news, the following Texas targets have announced their decisions:
- (***) CB Stacy Ferwerda has committed to LSU
- (***) MLB Daniel Lewis has committed to Georgia Tech
- (***) MLB Mike Vincent has committed to Florida State
- (****) CB Dan Clark has committed to Oklahoma

Quitting & Rules:
After 1 week we had a few issues with the rules being broken, and i'm here to nip it in the bud early that way we have an enjoyable experience here at the MMF.
A. Restarts- as we know the EA servers are garbage and will continue from time to time to kick you offline after a cpu match just try and log back on when prompted and go from their. Now their have been cases where it locks up, this is excusable and you will be able to restart once. But whats not cool is your losing a close game to a top team and you make up a lame excuse and really you just powered down your system to stave off the imminent L is not tolerated and I will keep track of a list 3 strikes and your out period.

B.Quitting- Would you like it if your putting together a league full of your buds and just because someone can't take a loss they quit on you after you take it upon yourself to personally invite them due to you feeling their very reliable, just hurts more than anything. But also gets you pissed at the fact that you have to question if they're going to reliable ever again. NO QUITTING FROM THIS POINT FORWARD, if you feel that your not able to follow the rules of this league to the T then just bow out now and I won't question it, but don't have me making your sked threads and then you dip.

C. Read the Rules- Please all members of the dynasty must read the rules and post that you have read them. That way you know what is required of all of us here at the MMF.

Open Slots:
Well after weeks of dipping and plugging we still need 5 users to fill open slots, and the spots we need are 1-Big East/ 1-Big XII/ 1-Pac 10/ 1-Big 10/ 1-ACC. So please cmon over and check us out as you must be reliable.

Game of the Week: Week 12
#16 Wisconsin 7-2 vs #2 Michigan 10-0
Predictions: Corso/Kirk-UM ; Brady UM by 7+

Well the stage was set for an epic season end match-up between the Wolverines & the Badgers, and this game wasn't a disappointment. UM jumped out late with the lead and basically lead for the better part of the game. But late in the game the Badgers made a push to upset UM but would come up short after Touissant's 60yd run for TD. Now UM's focus shifts to The Game vs Ohio State.

UM shunts Wisconsin 30-21 final.

BCS Rankings: Week 12 (users highlighted)
1(1) Bama 10-0 1.000
2(3) Mich 9-0 0.994

3(4) Ark 9-1 0.986
4(6) LSU 9-1 0.98
5(5) Boise 8-1 0.979
6(Cool TCU 10-1 0.968
7(2) Bucks 8-1 0.966
8(9) Mia 8-2 0.963
9(10) OU 9-1 0.952
10(20) PSU 7-3 0.938
11(12) Pitt 7-2 0.934
12(13) FSU 7-3 0.932
13(15) Nev 10-0 0.928
14(16) Hou 9-1 0.908
15(17) Wash 9-1 0.903
16(22) TAMU 7-3 0.892
17(7) Wisc 7-2 0.889
18(14) GT 7-3 0.88
19(25) S Car 7-3 0.872
20(23) Neb 7-3 0.867
21(28) WVU 6-2 0.842
22(11) VT 6-3 0.842
23(31) Texas 6-4 0.84
24(21) Ok St 7-3 0.826
25(35) Miss 7-3 0.815

Award Semifinalist: Week 11

1. Taylor Potts-QB TTU
2. Andy Dalton-QB TCU
3. Landry Jones-QB OU

Walter Camp
1. Taylor Potts-QB TTU
2. Roy Helu Jr.-HB NEB
3. Mark Ingram-HB ALA

1. Dion Chidozie-RO TTU
2. Travis Lewis-RO OU
3. Bobby Seay-FS CMU

1. Armond Armstead-LE USC
2. Travis Lewis-ROLB OU
3. Derrell Acrey-LOLB Boise

1. Taylor Potts-QB TTU
2. Landry Jones-QB OU
3. Andy Dalton-QB TCU

1. Roy Helu Jr.-HB NEB
2. Mark Ingram-HB ALA
3. Evan Royster-HB PSU

1. Alexander Torres-WR TTU
2. Ryan Broyles-WR OU
3. Tyron Carrier-WR HOU

1. Ferbia Allen-TE Miss
2. DJ Willams-TE ARK
3. DC Jefferson-TE RU

1. Matt Molloy-RT Navy
2. Addison Lawrence-RT Miss St
3. Kenny Wiggins-RT FS

1. Seth Oxner-C ARK
2. Jake Kirkpatrick-C TCU
3. Brady Demell-C Navy

1. Demarcus Dobbs-LE UGA
2. Lavar Edwards-RE LSU
3. Bruce Miller-RE UCF

Best LB
1. Dion Chidozie-RO TTU
2. Travis Lewis-MLB OU
3. Steven Erzinger-RO Army

1. Bobby Seay-FS CMU
2. Brodick Brown-CB Ok St
3. Matt Johnson-SS LSU

1. Patrick O Hara-K OU
2. Matt Hogan-K HOU
3. Erik Folk-K WAS

1. Chad Cunningham-P TEN
2. Dakota Warren-P UTEP
3. Bryan Anger-P Cal

Best RET
1. Travis Benjamin-WR MIA
2. Derrell J Koulianos-WR IOWA
3. Omar Bolden-CB ASU

Heisman Watch: Week 12
1. Taylor Potts-QB
Texas Tech (-)

2. Andy Dalton-QB
TCU (-)

3. Landry Jones-QB
Oklahoma (-)

4. Case Keenum-QB
Hou (up)

5. Ryan Mallett-QB
Arkansas (dn)

Toughest Places to Play: (users only)
#3 Alabama 92,138
#4 Ohio State 105,096
#8 Oregon 58,378
#22 Florida State 80,532
#23 Michigan 110,026

Bad News BCS:
In this section you will see the marks given to those whom decide to glitch the system we know as rules and integrity. Play your games and be fair to those attempting to play for our coveted prizes, no restarts should happen with the new system update, and should you lose man up and take the loss no will be perfect unless your cheating the AI. Oh and don't mistakenly miss your game cause your afraid to lose I will weed you out of my OD and just roll with the best of the best that remain.

Owners w/ Marks

Amri Supra- X
Simmed week 3 game

Danielson- X X X removed
Week 1 quit
Week 3 simmed game
Auto-Pilot 3weeks

Savage- X X
Week 4 rules

govs99- X X X Removed
Week 4 rules
Dodging Commish & Opponent

Sessions- X X X
Week 4 rules
Simmed Week 10
Quit Week 11

Hitman- X X X Removed
Week 4 Rules
Simmed Week 7
Simmed Week 9
Restarted Week 8 X X

Pickle- X X X Removed
Simmed Week 5
Simmed Week 6
Simmed Week 7


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