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BCS College News

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BCS College News

Post by Bradysenior on Mon Sep 27, 2010 4:32 pm

BCS College News

Week 1 Edition
Season II

Top Stories:
Welcome to Week 1!
Remember to visit to publish your own stories.

=============== #1 Alabama Crimson Tide (0-0) ===============
This week, the Crimson Tide will host #13 Ohio State (0-0).

=============== #16 Florida State Seminoles (0-0) ===============
This week, the Seminoles will host #8 TCU (0-0).

=============== Louisville Cardinals (0-0) ===============
This week, the Cardinals travel to Seattle to face the #14 Washington Huskies (0-0).

=============== #2 LSU Tigers (0-0) ===============
This week, the Tigers are idle.

=============== #10 Michigan Wolverines (0-0) ===============
This week, the Wolverines travel to Eugene to face the #18 Oregon Ducks (0-0).

=============== Nebraska Cornhuskers (0-0) ===============
This week, the Cornhuskers are idle.

=============== #18 Oregon Ducks (0-0) ===============
This week, the Ducks will host #10 Michigan (0-0).

=============== Tennessee Volunteers (0-0) ===============
This week, the Volunteers travel to Reno to face the Nevada Wolf Pack (0-0).

=============== #9 Texas Longhorns (0-0) ===============
This week, the Longhorns will host Florida (0-0).

1. Owners Needed:
As you may know here in the MSF we have now embarked on our 2nd season of the NCAA and with that brings high hopes and dreams of being league champion. But with every season brings the turmoil and heartbreak from what should have been and to what could have been, and now with Alabama being the defending champs we all owe them a round of applause for their breakthrough season and wish them the worst of luck. lol Now to the business at hand we still have 3 openings here @ the MSF and we could use members in the Big East/ Big Ten/ ACC just to make this league that much better in respect to high octane competition on a very sim level. So please don't shy away from clean trash talk we welcome the confident souls that dare test their football chess skills against the best damn crew of users we have in the NCAA ranks.

2. Hotwire News: Cheese or Just Sorry?
In an interview with one of my owners here it was brought to my attention that he may have ran the same offense in what I call a "Cheesy Letdown". Now if your gonna cheese do it right and just FYI to all you members if its reported by a user its an automatic strike if the infractions continue then you'll be out of here faster than Danielson84 or 85 was after that Season I thumping at the hands of the Hitman!! Now I want you all to understand we don't want cheesers or cheaters in the OD so if you have to run or play that way just do us all a favor and walk away.

Also in HOTWIRE NEWS the MSF Madden league started up play over the weekend and boy let me tell you we still have people dragging behind except for my homie Dyansty whom suffered the dreaded RROD......................... Ouch get well soon bud we will keep your team warm and out fo the #2 spot while your gone lol, seriously not kidding... lol So if your into spreadsheets and sim style pro ball then join now while team supply still last.

Well this is Bradyseniors alter ego ( steven jackson) signing off untill next time. Peace, Love , and hair grease.

Game of the Week

#13 Ohio State 0-0 vs #1 Alabama 0-0
Predictions: Bama favored

Keys to Victory:

OSU: Well we start off the season with a classic battle between SEC/Big Ten, and with this game could shed light on OSU's need to turn things around after last years meltdown. In order for OSU to cause a stir on the grand stage they will need a huge offensive effort.

Bama: Well the start of a title defense doesn't get any harder than this especially with OSU coming to the Tides stadium. But if you'd ask Capo right now if he is worried he would say Hell No, so in order for this team to gain more confidence it will need a strong offensive game to compliment a veteran defense.

Bama silences doubters & Buckeyes 14-32 final

Pre-Season Top 25 (user's highlighted)
1(1) Bama 0-0 1496
2(5) LSU 0-0 1203

3(9) Ark 0-0 1104
4(6) OU 0-0 1087
5(3) Boise 0-0 1053
6(13) Wisc 0-0 1015
7(10) Mia 0-0 948
8(2) TCU 0-0 944
9(14) Texas 0-0 887
10(4) Mich 0-0 846

11(15) Iowa 0-0 836
12(20) PSU 0-0 835
13(23) Bucks 0-0 811
14(11) Wash 0-0 791
15(12) GT 0-0 664
16(17) FSU 0-0 556
17(21) VT 0-0 547
18(24) Oreg 0-0 530
19(27) Stan 0-0 458
20(36) USC 0-0 438
21(30) UNC 0-0 422
22(16) Miz 0-0 385
23(26) Ok St 0-0 337
24(22) TTU 0-0 334
25(18) Utah 0-0 264

Other Users

29(41) Neb 0-0 151

40(29) UL 0-0 0

56(69) Tenn 0-0 0

Conference Outlook: User's Conference

ACC Champions: Miami
Atlantic: FSU
Costal: Miami

Big XII Champions: Oklahoma
North: Missouri
South: Oklahoma

Big East Champions: West Virginia

Big Ten Champions: Wisconsin

Pac-10 Champions: Washington

SEC Champions: Alabama
East: Vanderbilt
West: Alabama

Heisman Watch: Week 1

1. Landry Jones- QB
Oklahoma (-)

2. Alexander Torres-WR
Texas Tech (-)

3. LaMichael James-HB
Oregon (-)

4. Bradley Haynes-TE
SMU (-)

5. Tyron Carrier-WR
Houston (-)

Pre-Season All-Americans: Week 1

Alabama- (1- 1st team/ 1- 2nd team)

Florida State- N/A

LSU- (1- 2nd team)

Louisville- N/A

Michigan- (2- 1st team)

Nebraska- N/A

Oregon- (1- 1st team)

Tennessee- N/A

Texas- N/A

Coming Soon:
Top 25


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