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BCS College News

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BCS College News

Post by Bradysenior on Sun Oct 03, 2010 12:04 am

BCS College News

Week 3 Edition
Season II

Top Stories:
Welcome to Week 3!
Remember to visit to publish your own stories.

=============== #1 Alabama Crimson Tide (2-0) ===============
Last week, Alabama won 35-23 against Nebraska (0-1).
This week, the Crimson Tide will host #5 Boise State (1-0).

=============== #8 Florida State Seminoles (2-0) ===============
Last week, Florida State won 17-6 against Virginia (0-1).
This week, the Seminoles travel to Chestnut Hill to face the Boston College Eagles (1-1).

=============== Louisville Cardinals (0-2) ===============
Last week, Louisville lost 62-0 against Oregon (2-0).
This week, the Cardinals travel to Austin to face the #14 Texas Longhorns (1-1).

=============== #3 LSU Tigers (1-0) ===============
Last week, LSU won 51-14 against Arizona State (0-2).
This week, the Tigers will host #7 Iowa (1-0).

=============== #13 Michigan Wolverines (1-1) ===============
Last week, Michigan won 31-28 against Texas (1-1).
This week, the Wolverines are idle.

=============== Nebraska Cornhuskers (0-1) ===============
Last week, Nebraska lost 35-23 against Alabama (2-0).
This week, the Cornhuskers travel to Morgantown to face the West Virginia Mountaineers (1-0).
In recruiting news, the following Nebraska targets have announced their decisions:
- (****) TE Rocky Jamison has committed to Texas Tech

=============== #12 Oregon Ducks (2-0) ===============
Last week, Oregon won 62-0 against Louisville (0-2).
This week, the Ducks travel to Pullman to face the Washington State Cougars (1-0).

=============== #24 Tennessee Volunteers (2-0) ===============
Last week, Tennessee won 7-0 against Ohio State (0-2).
This week, the Volunteers travel to Gainesville to face the Florida Gators (1-1).
In recruiting news, the following Tennessee targets have announced their decisions:
- (****) WR Justin Harris has committed to Vanderbilt

=============== #14 Texas Longhorns (1-1) ===============
Last week, Texas lost 31-28 against Michigan (1-1).
This week, the Longhorns will host Louisville (0-2).

1. Owners Needed:
As you may know here in the MSF we have now embarked on our 2nd season of the NCAA and with that brings high hopes and dreams of being league champion. But with every season brings the turmoil and heartbreak from what should have been and to what could have been, and now with Alabama being the defending champs we all owe them a round of applause for their breakthrough season and wish them the worst of luck. lol Now to the business at hand we still have 3 openings here @ the MSF and we could use members in the Big East/ Big Ten/ ACC just to make this league that much better in respect to high octane competition on a very sim level. So please don't shy away from clean trash talk we welcome the confident souls that dare test their football chess skills against the best damn crew of users we have in the NCAA ranks.

Game of the Week: Week 3
#5 Boise State 1-0 vs #1 Alabama 2-0
Predictions: ESPN panel split decision

Keys to Victory:

Boise State: In order for Boise to win this game they will need to force Bama into mistakes.

Alabama: In order for Bama to win this game their offense will need to step up big at home.

Boise shocks Bama & Co. 28-21 final

Week 3 Top 25 (user's highlighted)
1(1) Bama 2-0 1498
2(3) Ark 2-0 1469
3(2) LSU 1-0 1396
4(4) OU 2-0 1299
5(5) Boise 1-0 1250
6(7) Mia 1-0 1152
7(9) Iowa 1-0 1068
8(11) FSU 2-0 954
9(12) Wash 2-0 904
10(6) Wisc 1-1 896
11(13) GT 1-0 868
12(14) Oreg 2-0 820
13(17) Mich 1-1 780
14(Cool Texas 1-1 727

15(16) VT 2-0 720
16(15) TCU 1-1 712
17(19) Stan 1-0 555
18(22) Ok St 1-0 419
19(10) PSU 1-1 418
20(49) Or St 2-0 347
21(24) Utah 2-0 302
22(27) Miss 2-0 301
23(25) Aub 1-0 251
24(41) Tenn 2-0 196
25(20) UNC 1-1 188

Season Stats: Week 3

Griffin, Robert
QB Baylor
76att 52comp 1int 8tds 810yds

Garcia, Stephen
QB South Carolina
79att 49comp 1int 8tds 712yds

Murray, Aaron
QB Georgia
62att 35comp 2int 6tds 676yds


James, LaMichael
HB Oregon
48att 0fum 62lng 5tds 402yds

Evans, Darren
HB Virginia Tech
49att 0fum 22lng 5tds 360yds

Rodgers, Jacquizz
HB Oregon State
72att 1fum 17lng 1tds 338yds


Deehan, Ryan
TE Colorado
13cat 1drp 79lng 1tds 325yds

Wright, Kendall
WR Baylor
17cat 1drp 59lng 4tds 325yds

Patterson, Pat
WR Ole Miss
15cat 0drp 64lng 3tds 325yds


Rea, Zach
RE Memphis
1ff 0fr 0int 3sks 10tfl 14tkl

Thompson, Eldon
MLB Tulsa
0ff 0fr 0int 1sks 5tfl 14tkl

DeMaster, Kyle
LOLB Eastern Michigan
1ff 0fr 0int 4sks 10tfl 13tkl

Heisman Watch: Week 3

1. Landry Jones- QB
Oklahoma (-)

2. Alexander Torres-WR
Texas Tech (-)

3. LaMichael James-HB
Oregon (-)

4. Bradley Haynes-TE
SMU (-)

5. Jarius Wright-WR
Arkansas (up)

Players of the Week : Week 2

Bernard Obi-RE
7tkls 7tfl 3atk 3sks 1ff 1fr

Utah State
Robert Turbin-HB
37car 282yds 5tds

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