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MSF NHL Rules Empty MSF NHL Rules

Post by Bradysenior on Mon Jan 10, 2011 1:37 pm

Teams: This season will consist of 12 NHL teams.

Season: The season will be comprised of 22 games with a two games per week requirement. There will be two games that are due each week as per your schedule. You must use the weekly communication threads to set up your match ups. These threads will be used to determine forfeits at the end of the week. You must meet this 2 game requirement or risk being dropped from the league.

Game Format: Each and every game will be run using 5 minute periods. All league games will be played from the EA league set up on the console. All game stats will be recorded on league daddy.

Match ups: Each league game played will be 1 person vs. 1 person. Multiple players competing on the same team is not permitted. And you have to play 1 game @ home/ 1 game away for each weekly match up.

Game Options/ Settings: Will be the league Defaults that are already set up plus:
Controller: Skill stick only ( No Buttons - old style)
Shot Aiming: MANUAL
Ice View: Your fave!!!
Injuries: Unfortunately for you their on and will keep you from the cup.
Trading: Is simple and must gain approval via GM
Playoffs: With it being 12 users it may only take the top 4 per conference

Weekly Communication Treads: Each week there will be a communication thread for that weeks match ups. Please use this thread to discuss scheduling for this game. If this game is not completed by the end of the assigned week, the communications in this thread will be used to assign forfeits. NO CONVERSATIONS NOT OCCURING OR DISCUSSED WITHIN THIS THREAD WILL BE ACKNOWLEDGED (for example, if you have conversations on AIM or in emails, please acknowledge them in this thread). We will advance the weeks every Saturday @ 12p pst.

Forfeited/Simmed Games: You have 7 days to complete the 2 games. The games, will be simmed if they are not completed by the deadline. And you will risk being removed from the league after 3 strikes.

Loss of Connection: If during a game, you or your opponent's connection is lost at any time due to "Network Congestion" or a "Divergence Error" before the end of the game, then the following rules apply. If one of the teams is ahead of the other by 2 or more goals in the 3rd period, then the game is OFFICIAL and will be counted as a win for the winning team.

Xbox Live Communicator Headset: This is to assure that all rules are being followed and at anytime you need to discuss something with a member then you just chat it out via pause or game chat.

Attendance Rules: If you don't feel you can completely commit to playing 22 regular season games plus playoffs, then please do NOT register to be in this league. By you joining, it prevents someone else from being a part of the league that may have been able to fully participate. It wouldn't be fair to them, and it wouldn't be fair to the rest of the league. The Match-up rules of this league certainly allows flexibility for two individuals to find a time to play over the course of a week period and thus eliminating most any excuse for not being able to play a scheduled match. The league fully expects 2 games to be played as a Max per week no advance play unless out of town trips need an early play through of the game

(1) - For each week that the 2 game is not met, without prior notification, that person will be penalized with a strike

(2) - For any league member that goes 2 consecutive weeks in the league without playing their number of games (which would be 4 within a 2 week period), that owner will be replaced immediately. No questions asked. And if you are cut from the league and want back in for the following season you will be placed at the very end of the waiting list.

Code of Conduct: This is very important.

Trash Talking: No racial slurs allowed, but trash talking is loved here @ the MSF

This league is meant to provide a forum where individuals can enjoy playing videogame-hockey against "live" opponents -- not to verbally attack them. Talking smack is a different issue and is not against any codes of conduct for this league, just be careful not to take it too far.

Cheap tactics: No Glitch goals at anytime

Disconnecting During Gameplay: Purposely disconnecting during a match up will not be tolerated and the above mentioned repercussions will take place if this happens. It is understandable if your connection is lost (it happens to all of us on occasion), but disconnecting because you are a losing is an act of poor sportsmanship and will not be tolerated. The league will investigate all disconnections.

Filing a Complaint: If you feel the need to file a complaint against another individual, DO NOT e-mail them your complaint. You are to e-mail the Commissioner of the league who will investigate your claims. This must be done within 24 hours from the incident in question. When filing a complaint, you must give the username of the individual in question and the conduct or actions you are protesting.

Game Exploits: Cheesy moves or exploits of the game will not be tolerated. I would hope that if anyone experiences this that they would bring it to my attention so I can address it & if necessary remove the player. We are trying to maintain good sportsmanship, respect & camaraderie among our members.

You should not be scoring the same goal numerous times. If you only have one "play" you run on offense, then this is not the league for you. You need to mix up your play. One-timers, wristers, slapshots from the point....they are all a part of the game and we expect that you use them all. If you don't mix up your play you are subject to the same consequences of using an exploit.

Do not abuse the LB crouch by using it all over the ice to steal the puck, and you should never be diving on the ice to block a pass in the offensive zone. These are not realistic plays.

You are not allowed to boardplay yourself when you have the puck, except when you are in your own defensive zone.

When killing a penalty, you should not be carrying the puck down the ice every time. If you have open ice to skate up, it is fine. But you should not be playing exactly the same as when you are at even strength. Clear the puck down the ice some of the time, that is how every hockey team kills a penalty.

Any glitch moves will not be tolerated in our sim league. If you can't score multiple ways then you need to find another league.

Be advised, your backup goaltender is required to play a minimum of four (4) games -- This rule will be enforced!

Mercy Rule: The maximum goals that you can win by are 7. Anyone that breaks this rule will receive a warning the first time; second time get the forfeit loss & dropped from the league on the third time.

Trade Limits: Each Gm will have a maximum of 8 trades; this means you can only trade 8 players either individually or as a group. Once a trade has been agreed upon, please post it in the Trade Approval Thread. Do not send the trade on the console until it has been approved by a commissioner.

TRADE DEADLINE: The trade deadline will coincide with the beginning of week 8.

Playoff Overtime Format: Unfortunately we do not have the option of changing from shootouts to continuous overtime for the playoffs. So if a playoff game goes to overtime, write down all the stats for the game. Then start a new game for overtime, first goal wins.

Summary: If you register to join this league, you are indicating that you have read the above and agree to comply with all the rules, guidelines, and values this league holds.
Stat Tracking: Example
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Goal Scorers

Assist Leaders

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