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NHL Trade Rules

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NHL Trade Rules Empty NHL Trade Rules

Post by Bradysenior on Wed Jan 12, 2011 7:45 am

We have created this forum to serve two purposes:

1) Submit trade proposals or see what players are on the block.
2) To record & track amount of trades each member has done.

Remember that the trade feature in the EA game can only trade one player for one player. ALL TRADES must be submitted in this thread for approval BEFORE they are complete on the game. Failure to post trades for approval is cause for removal from the league.

Please feel free to create your own trade block thread and use this thread only once a trade has been agreed to by both sides. Both members must confirm the trade in this thread before it will be approved.

Please list the teams, players, overall rating for each player and positions when submitting a trade for approval. Also DO NOT submit the trade on the console until it has been approved in the thread!!!!

The trade deadline will coincide with the opening of week 9. Once the week 9 games are open for play, no more trades will be permitted.

Trade Limits: Each Gm will have a maximum of 6 trades; this means you can only trade 6 players total.

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