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Rules- Update

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Rules- Update Empty Rules- Update

Post by Bradysenior on Wed Feb 23, 2011 11:20 am

A brief digest in text form:
1. All open field juking must be performed with the right stick or a face button. The left stick may be used to establish the runner's initial direction on kick returns (subsequent changes to direction will be executed using the right stick). The left stick may also be used to locate and hit the hole in the running game. Beyond that, it's the right stick and the face buttons.

2. QB dropbacks are not to exceed 10 yards from the line of scrimmage, whether the QB starts under center or from the shotgun. Under center, the 10 yard limit will allow you to take a step or so backward, but no more than that. From the shotgun, you will have almost no room to move backward. All QB movement is fine so long as the 10 yard limit is respected. The lone exception to the 10 yard rule is when you're setting up a screen, but don't overdo it and drop back 20 yards there. This may seem distasteful to some, but I absolutely expect that owners step up or out or take a sack rather than breaking this rule.

3. We require that the QB complete his drop in its entirety before the ball is thrown. Quick-snap throwing is when you interrupt the dropback before it finishes to fire it to a WR or TE. This occurs most often on flats plays to the TE or slot, or on quick streaks to the slot. We disallow this and insist that all programmed drops must be completed, regardless of the situation.

4. We disallow the setup of A gap nanos by placing two players on top of each other as shown in the video.

5. We allow manual repositioning of defenders in several cases. If you need to fix the alignment to ensure that a man coverage defender is properly aligned with his man, that's fine. If you want to correct the auto motion that places defenders in gaps or splits them out of their normal alignment, that's fine. However, if you move a player manually for reasons other than those (to shoot a gap, occupy a blocker), you must control that player for the duration of the play or until pursuit requires that you switch. You may not control the player then switch immediately to another right after the snap.

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Rules- Update Empty Re: Rules- Update

Post by Ra HorakT on Thu Feb 24, 2011 9:37 am

So what these rules say is we can't really control the player with the ball, just juke, spin and dive.
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