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Hi NCAA Football fans, NCAA Football 12 designer Jordan Peterson here, and I could not be happier to provide some more information about one of the many new features of NCAA Football 12: Custom Playbooks. In this particular blog, I will be walking you through the process of creating a Custom Playbook.

First, let me establish some basics for custom playbooks, and address some of the questions I have seen on the forums. You will be able to create 30 Playbooks, 15 for both Offense and Defense. These Custom Playbooks can be used in Offline and Online Dynasty, any Play Now game, and in Ranked Online games. Now, let's create a Custom Playbook!

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The first step to create a Custom Playbook is selecting a base playbook. This playbook will appear with all of its current plays, and audibles, once you are in the Playbook Editor. Please keep in mind that your Hail Mary, Goal Line and Special Teams plays will be associated with your base playbook, and cannot be edited. So choose wisely!

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This is the main hub of Custom Playbooks. From here, you will be able to view your playbook as it will appear in-game by selecting View Playbook, in addition to accessing Adding/Removing Plays, Formations and Audibles. You may also note that for each Custom Playbook there will be a maximum of 377 plays and 40 formations that can be selected. However, for those of you that prefer a more minimalistic view, you can reduce your playbook down to only 50 plays. Before we get into editing the Custom Playbook, let's take a quick look at the base playbook.

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From this view, you will be able to view plays that are currently in each formation, in addition to accessing Add/Remove Formations. Once you have advanced into a particular formation via View Plays, you can jump to the Reorder Plays screen and Add/Remove Formations. The functionality for maneuvering through Play and Formation views should be very familiar; it's the same functionality for Playcall in game.

NCAA 12 Blog Img4
Now, if for some reason I wanted to add a power running game to my spread offense, Add/Remove Formation will allow you to add entire formations to your playbook with a single button press. Here you will find every formation, from every single playbook we have in the game. The options here are practically limitless.

NCAA 12 Blog Img5
However, if you're like me, you may want to break down your Custom Playbooks even further. Selecting Edit Plays will provide an even deeper level of customization of your playbook. From here, you will be able to add any single play from the global playbook pool, or, trim your playbook down to a more manageable size. Only want to run 6 plays out of Strong I: Close? Trim it down and make it easier to find your plays.

NCAA 12 Blog Img6
Finally, those of you that always wanted to see your plays in a particular order within a playbook, or have spent what seems like hours frantically scouring a playbook for a particular play, can now rearrange your plays on the Reorder screen. From here, you will be able to drag and drop each play and arrange your playbook so it appears exactly as you want it to in game. Never again will you have to search through a massive playbook to find the particular play you like to use in a particular situation.

And that's the final step. From there you can rename your playbook, and use it in Play Now, Dynasty, Online Dynasty and even Ranked games. Or, go ahead and create more playbooks.

I hope you enjoyed this preview of Custom Playbooks, please stay tuned for more information on Dynasty and Road to Glory in the coming weeks.

Thanks again, and remember, NCAA Football will be available on July 12th!

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