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First Look: Dynamic Player Performance
Posted by Jake Stein at 12:55PM on Thursday, June, 02, 2011

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Hey Madden fans! EA SPORTS Game Changer Jake Stein here again and in this blog I'm going to be touching on a brand new addition to the Madden franchise, Dynamic Player Performance (DPP). Now at first glance when you hear the term "Dynamic Player Performance" you might be led to believe that is just a fancy marketing term that does not serve much of a purpose in Madden NFL 12. Well you would be wrong about that in every sense of the word. Let me explain...

DPP brings something that has been lacking in every Madden title up until this year: an identity—an identity to both your team and the AI you will face each and every time you play a game of Madden NFL 12. And just as the focus has been clear this year, authenticity is paramount. Here's how it breaks down:

First off, almost every player on the field is affected by Dynamic Player Performance. It affects how players play in the game based on a number of ratings and tendencies. For instance, everyone knows about the great Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. Although he was much more efficient last year, Peterson is still known as a fumbler. Well in Madden NFL 12, if you can force an early fumble on AP, he will instinctively switch his running style to protect the ball and thus, break fewer tackles.

That was just one example but let me really explain what goes into making these ratings go up and down. Consistency and confidence are the big ingredients in determining DPP. Read closely here: consistency defines how MUCH a player’s ratings are affected, while confidence describes the DIRECTION (positive or negative) of the change to the base ratings.

So for another example, Peyton Manning is known for being one of the most consistent QB's in the league. He may have a subpar performance one week, but that won't carry over to the next week as bad as it would for Jay Cutler, a very inconsistent QB.

Now let's take a look at some of the different trait or tendency categories. This is what allows players to play like you are accustomed to seeing on Sundays. These will vary based on position but today I'm going to focus solely on quarterbacks, specifically the captain of my favorite team, Josh Freeman.

Madden 12 Blog Js_dpp1

The QB trait categories are as follows: Tucks and Runs, Senses Pressure, Forces Passes, Throws Balls Away, Throws Tight Spiral, Clutch, and just as each player has, Confidence and Consistency. Now although Freeman just completed his second year in the league, he is viewed as an up-and-coming prospect with huge upside. He has already established that he is clutch late in games. In just a year and a half of starting, Josh already has seven 4th quarter comebacks. Clutch is what it's all about in the NFL, and it's no different in Madden. QB's that are clutch will make not just himself, but everyone on the team step up and play at a higher level.

Well that's just a taste of what Dynamic Player Performance brings to Madden NFL 12. Be sure to check out the official DPP blog and post me your thoughts or questions to Twitter at Stay tuned for more information including the online feature set in the weeks to come!

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