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NCAA Football 12 Demo Ustream Event
Posted by Aaron Boulding at 19:00PM on Monday, June, 20, 2011

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The demo for NCAA Football 12 drops next week and to prepare you for the occasion we rolled out 60 minutes of live streaming video full of info, insight and answers to your biggest questions on the demo.

Head to Ustream now for the recording of the live event you missed and you’ll get a sneak peek at the demo, Road to Glory and lots of love and praise for Florida State and Auburn. Weird.

For those of you too scared or asleep to click we’ve assembled a collection of factoids (they’re like facts that can transform) from the live streaming show so you can hastily react and respond with more questions and comments.

- Oregon at Texas and Alabama at Florida State are the teams, matchups and locations featured in the demo.

- For teams and bowls that will be in baseball stadia this season in college football, NCAA Football 12 has to stay away from those buildings because of licensing issues. For Cal fans this means Memorial is still intact in the game.

- In Dynasty mode, CPU coaches and teams will do their own thing and follow their logic. Coaches will change schools, taking their playbooks with them. Schools will intelligently recruit based on the playbook (brought by the coach) that they’re running. Best example is Georgia Tech will always look for option quarterbacks until they stop running the Flexbone.

- Be sure to go online when you get the demo because that’s how you’ll unlock five Pro Combat uniforms. Oh and West Virginia’s Pro Combat uni is going to be available as part of the Mountaineers’ regular uniform options in the game.

- In Road to Glory you can build the high school teams you’ll be playing against and using or you can let the CPU auto-generate them based on the city and state that you pick for your high school. And somehow Canada is a state in NCAA Football 12.

- The XP you earn during your high school season carry over with you to whatever college you pick. These points are how you’ll buy skill upgrade packs for your player so it pays to dominate while you’re in high school.

That’s all that we could remember and type during the live show so be sure to head over to the recorded Ustream version for the full experience. It’s like we DVR’d your NCAA Football 12 demo show for you.

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