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Post by Bradysenior on Mon Oct 03, 2011 9:35 am

Welcome to the official page of the MSF Dragons as you may know we are trying to build the best competitive squad around, and with your help you will be able to play on a squad that has a true structure and an environment that will make for great games on a sim level. Currently we are taking sign-ups for this 5v5 or 6v6 squad that could impose its will on the EAHL nation, anyone interested please contact me via or on EA NHL forums under MSF Dragon post!!

Team Practices: will be held SUN/TUES/THURS via drop in games online under communities or in our practice arena vs CPU.

Team Play: will be held on MON/WED/FRI within the OTP mode via live.

Team Day: we will recover and talk strategy on SAT in which we will not play any practice or OTP, this here I feel is a must as when your playing as a team and competing for a goal you have to have a structure in place.

Our Goal: As MSF Dragons we won't back down from anyone and we will be competitive even if we're faced with a super challenge by glitchers. We have to stay the course and communicate what we do great and what we do horribly. CONSISTENCY will be our trend and that trend will separate the men from the boys, and we will also try to take our team to great heights and compete for prizes in online tourneys should we push ourselves in that direction!!

Current Needs

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