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NCAA 14 Gameplay

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NCAA 14 Gameplay Empty NCAA 14 Gameplay

NCAA 14 Gameplay
NCAA 14 Gameplay Ncaa-14-announce-header-2_656x369

Posted by EA SPORTS on Apr 9, 2013

College football is unpredictable, and now so is NCAA Football 14.

The addition of Infinity Engine 2 allows you to play true to your team with gameplay tuned with the college game in mind, bringing multiple college play-styles to life. Players have been significantly tuned to balance based on position and size, which means you’ll also feel momentum as you run with the ball. You’ll also notice updated player behavior after each play is over.

Here’s a look at specifically what you can expect with the new Infinity Engine 2.

The Power of Force Impact

NCAA 14 Gameplay Ncaa-football-14-gameplay-8-tn
Use new stiff-arm to create your own space around the outside

As we continually evolve the Infinity Engine, we have more control to build physics-based features to create more realistic player interactions on the field. The Force Impact System allows us to create more realistic hits that take momentum, speed, and mass into account. You can now feel the big plays on offense and defense, which provide a more real feeling than ever before.Offense wasn’t the only side of the ball that got some love, this year in NCAA Football 14 you will find the Hitstick is much more powerful than ever before. Deliver bone crushing hits and tackles to the unsuspecting ball carrier.

Players can now recover from a near tackle with the new Stumble Recovery, which you can see a ball carrier put their hand down on the turf and keep trudging along for more yards. Based on a combination of player attributes and the impact of the hit, this is a real-life movement from the field that makes a huge difference in the open field. The stumble recovery will help assist in those frustrating moments where you run into a defender and watch your player fall to the ground without any way to recover.

NCAA 14 Gameplay Ncaa-football-14-gameplay-5-tn
No longer at the mercy of the dice roll

With the Infinity Engine 2, things like dive tackles, trucks, and stiff arms are now driven by physics when timed correctly. All of these improvements to gameplay are made possible by the Infinity Engine 2, which allows for thousands of organic, unpredictable outcomes with some of the biggest hits we’ve ever seen in the NCAA Football franchise.

Swerve Not

NCAA 14 Gameplay Ncaa-football-14-gameplay-4-tn
You could drive a truck through that cutback lane

Another significant improvement to gameplay in NCAA Football 14 is the running game. This year, we enhanced the running game by enabling you to make hard cuts on the field. The running game is an integral piece of college football, and in order to deliver the most realistic experience, we’ve emphasized changing the running game to eliminate inauthentic turning and running. With NCAA Football 14 you can make more hard cuts, which give better feeling of better weight and realistic running.

NCAA 14 Gameplay Ncaa-football-14-gameplay-6-tn
Follow your blockers and run to daylight

Building a Better Back

One thing we’ve learned over the years is that running backs are almost never moving at full speed the moment they take the ball, and need to be patient to allow blocks to develop and find the hole. While we’ve previously put an emphasis on getting the running backs up to full speed as quickly as possible, this year we’ve tuned the game to give users more control over running backs behind the line, as well as when making moves in the open field.

NCAA 14 Gameplay Ncaa-football-14-gameplay-7-tn
Make the safety pay for taking a bad angle to the ball

We’re also aware that sometimes you need that extra burst of speed, so we’ve introduced an acceleration burst mechanic that allows you to hold the right trigger and reach top speed more quickly to get around the corner or evade a pursuing defender. There’s a tradeoff though, as running harder – as well as making moves like spins, jukes and cuts – drains your stamina faster, so you may lose your steam on long runs. We’ve included an on-screen stamina meter this year, so you’ll know exactly how much energy you’ve got left on any given play before you run out of gas.

Fans are encouraged to keep up to date by visiting the NCAA Football website, Facebook, and Twitterfor exclusive assets and unique insights into all this year’s new features. College football enthusiasts can also get involved in the conversation by tweeting with the hashtag #PLAYTRUE

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