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NCAA 14 Presentation

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NCAA 14 Presentation Empty NCAA 14 Presentation

NCAA Football 14 Playbook 2: Presentation
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The ultimate goal of any video game is to immerse you in the action. That’s why we’ve been heavily focused in making improvements both on and off the field for NCAA Football 14. We’re excited to start revealing some of the biggest upgrades to presentation.

NCAA 14 Presentation Ncaa-football-presentation-1

Blur Tempo

In NCAA Football 14, you’ll feel the emotion of college football right from the streamlined and responsive menu interface. Now you can see all the game modes and available options – such as Play Now, Dynasty and Ultimate Team – at a glance and jump straight into the action.

One major complaint from fans over the last few years is that the pre-game simply took too long. When you’re in Play Now, you want to play. Pregame festivities have been redone from 2-3 minutes sequences to emphatic 30-second intros that still retain all of the college traditions that play such a big part of different school's identities.

The intros in Dynasty Mode are also deeper and more immersive than ever before. Rece Davis will set the stage with robust game storylines that are accompanied by a variety of on-screen banners, faithfully recreating the type of montages seen on ESPN before big games on Saturday. On-screen banners incorporate dynamic phrases, and there are multiple variations based on the type of game you are playing, like a rivalry or bowl game.

NCAA 14 Presentation Ncaa-football-presentation-2

Leave It on the Field

New triggering logic in NCAA Football 14 will capture the emotion on the field like never before. Replacing the legacy vignettes are more than 500 new sequences that run between plays. These vignettes are designed to keep you in the action – just like watching college football on TV. You’ll also notice dynamic player wipes and all new-team wipes.

Another detail that makes a big impact is the inclusion of pre-play player chatter. Now, in addition to hearing the QB bark out audibles, you can listen in as defenders call out their adjustments. You might catch the center calling out the number of down linemen or the QB calling out the Mike Linebacker. Linemen can make calls to alert potential blitzers, and the defense will counter by calling out strength of formation. You may even hear the location of the tight end or which players the defense will be keying on. You’ll also hear players celebrating between whistles as they make game-changing plays like TDs and INTs.

NCAA 14 Presentation Ncaa-football-presentation-3

Authenticity is important to NCAA Football 14 and the game will feature the latest new uniforms, team-specific gloves and base layers. In close collaboration with the apparel manufacturers, you can expect regular uniform updates post-launch as well. Rest assured that your team will not only be playing in accurate gear, but they’ll also be using the correct football based on their school’s equipment and apparel manufacturers. That’s right, Under Armour schools will play with an Under Armour ball.

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This year, South Alabama makes its long-awaited debut in NCAA Football along with Old Dominion and Georgia State. The Jaguars stadium has been accurately recreated, as has Texas State’s. That’s right, Jim Wacker Field at Bobcat Stadium will be in the game. Both big and small schools received attention, with TCU’s stadium updated to reflect their recent renovations. Horned Frogs fans should feel right at home.

NCAA 14 Presentation Ncaa-football-presentation-5

Neutral site games make their long-awaited debut this year, including the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Classic (Georgia Dome), Cowboy Kickoff Classic (Cowboys Stadium) and the Texas Kickoff Classic (Reliant Stadium). NCAA Football 14 also features three stadiums brought over from Madden NFL: Soldier Field, MetLife Stadium and M&T Bank Stadium. You can even create your own neutral site game. Let your imagination run wild.

The Story of the Game

In addition to the on-field improvements, NCAA Football 14 features a more realistic and enjoyable broadcast experience. This year, Brad Nessler and Kirk Herbstreit will focus on the ever changing in game stories that make college football so great. They'll highlight key players and their performances throughout the season, along with the storylines that play out dynamically on the field.

The development team meticulously studied box scores throughout the 2011 and 2012 season, dissecting statistics and finding patterns. What was discovered was that many games follow similar storylines and these were the first building blocks of our Drive Stories feature. In NCAA 14, Brad and Kirk will recognize patterns as the game progresses and comment on them as a banner is shown on screen. These moments precede key drives, and mimic real broadcasts where the commentary team would take a step away from the action and sum up how the game is playing out.

NCAA 14 Presentation Ncaa-football-presentation-6

Anyone who has watched college football knows that when a National or Conference leader is playing in a game, the broadcast will place the spotlight on them. In NCAA Football 14, if a user-controlled team or the opposition has one of these Key Players, Brad and Kirk will introduce the player and talk about his importance, and then track his performance throughout. How is he playing in relation to his team? Does he rebound from a slow start? Does a Key QB’s run game steal the show? Is the player falling apart as his team struggles? These are just some of the many storylines available this year.

There are also special storylines in store for the most dedicated Dynasty gamers. Some won’t become available until at least your 2nd year as a coach, while others take much more time to unlock.

NCAA 14 Presentation Ncaa-football-presentation-7

The ESPN Living Game Clock, which provides quick-hitting stats on previous plays, player stats, game stats, play selection and more, is just one more piece that heightens immersion and makes the game feel truer to an actual ESPN broadcast.

We can announce that NCAA Football 14 will feature a halftime show with Rece Davis and David Pollack. The duo will recap your game, call out highlights and set up the second half with a combination of thoughtful insight and witty banter.

David Pollack’s experience on the defensive side of the ball, along with his natural chemistry with Rece Davis on air, results in a compelling halftime show. The insightful banter back and forth creates naturally flowing, authentic commentary.

And last but not least, we’re excited to announce that “Zombie Nation” and “Seven Nation Army” are in NCAA 14, two of the most widely-used stadium anthems in the country. And yes, you’ll hear the crowd chanting, just like they do in real life. More info is on the way, so make sure you read the site regularly.

There’s a ton of other features that will be announced shortly, each making NCAA Football 14 look, and feel, like nothing you’ve ever played before. Check back in the coming days and weeks for even more details on all the improvements to presentation.

Fans can keep up to date by visiting the NCAA Football website, Facebook, and Twitter for exclusive assets and unique insights into all of this year’s new features. College football enthusiasts can also get involved in the conversation by tweeting with the hashtag #PLAYTRUE.

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