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Community Impressions – Full Contact Physics Engine
Posted by EA SPORTS at 16:37PM on Friday, June, 17, 2011

Following up on Producer Sean Ramjagsingh’s blog on Gameplay Enhancements earlier this week, our Community Invites that were at EA Canada in May have also published their hands-on impressions with the improved Full Contact Physics Engine this week. Though the version of the game was in an early Alpha stage, there was an immediate sense that the game was much more fluid and overall just felt much improved. Don’t take my word for it…check out their write-ups below.

Full Contact Physics in NHL 12 by SCARFACE909 and TheNHLequalizer from EA Sports Forums

“When I sat down with NHL 12 it became apparent right off the opening puck drop that a second year of development the checking contact physics was much closer to where I hoped to see it. How so? Well the hitting looked more believable. What I mean is that I saw less of the mass spinning, flailing post check where it looked unneeded. It would happen from time to time, but far less frequent than what you would see in NHL 11.” Click here for the complete article: Full Contact Physics in NHL 12

Hands-On Full Contact Physics Engine by GHuysmans from IGN Boards

“With the videos that EA has posted containing features, very little has been said about the puck physics. In previous titles, the passes were crisp and “frozen” per say. Not too many people would be amazed by a wobbling puck when a saucer pass is being made, but what if that wobbling puck were to affect the accuracy of your shot as well as your puck control? One little change like this can effect who you want out on the ice, as well as who you want on your team. (No David Koci for me)” Click here for the full article: Hands-On Full Contact Physics Engine

Full-Contact Physics Impressions by IrishSniper87 from HFBoards

“This year’s hitting was much improved. Smaller players couldn't push around big guys anymore. The hits looked more realistic then last year as every hit wasn't a highlight-reel hip-check that looked like it could kill a man. Player's reactions to hits also looked more realistic. The hits looked less "ragdoll-ish" and more like real people falling down after colliding with another player.” Click here for the full article: Full-Contact Physics Impressions

Don’t forget to tune in to the NHL Awards on Wednesday to finds out who will be gracing the cover of NHL 12!

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