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  • 20130530
    Playbook #4 Dynasty
    NCAA Football Blog Ncaa-football-14-dynasty-header_656x369_656X369

    NCAA Football 14 Playbook 4: Dynasty

    NCAA Football Blog Ncaa-14-dynasty-1
    Dynasty mode in NCAA Football 14 offers several new features that should excite any would-be head coach. All-new Coach Skills allow you to focus on the traits you believe are most important for...

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  • 20130530
    Playbook #3 Ultimate Team
    NCAA Football Blog Ncaa-football-14-ultimate-team-header_656x369

    Playbook 3: Ultimate Team
    If you’ve been playing EA SPORTS games over the years, you’ve likely gotten hooked on Ultimate Team mode in Madden NFL, FIFA or NHL. Well now you can get the same experience in NCAA Football 14. Let’s take a quick tour of the mode so you’re ready to create your own Ultimate Team on July 9.

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  • 20130513
    Playbook #3 Sights & Sounds
    NCAA Football 14 Sights and Sounds

    NCAA Football Blog Ncaa-football-14-sights-sounds-header_656x369
    NCAA Football 14 Sights and Sounds
    College is a time to express your true identity, and collegefootball teams seem to be embracing that mantra wholeheartedly. Alternate uniforms, base layers, team-specific gloves and more have become commonplace (word choice)...

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  • 20130421
    Playbook 2: Presentation
    NCAA Football 14 Playbook 2: Presentation
    NCAA Football Blog Ncaa-football-14-presentation-header_656x369

    The ultimate goal of any video game is to immerse you in the action. That’s why we’ve been heavily focused in making improvements both on and off the field for NCAA Football 14. We’re excited to start revealing some of the biggest upgrades to presentation.

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  • 20130412
    Playbook #1
    NCAA 14 Gameplay
    NCAA Football Blog Ncaa-14-announce-header-2_656x369

    Posted by EA SPORTS on Apr 9, 2013

    College football is unpredictable, and now so is NCAA Football 14.

    The addition of Infinity Engine 2 allows you to play true to your team with gameplay tuned with the college game in mind, bringing multiple college play-styles to life. Players have been significantly tuned to balance based on position...

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  • 20120621
    Playbook 5 Road to Glory

    NCAA Football Blog NCAAFB13-RtG-NDvUSC1
    The experience of being a college football superstar is now even more exciting with Reaction Time, which slows down gameplay during key moments, increasing on-field awareness and opening up more opportunities as you sense how the play will unfold. In addition, NCAA Football 13 lets you customize your experience in Road to Glory with all-new Scouting Reports that detail the...

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  • 20120602
    Community Blog-Heisman Challenge

    NCAA Football 13 Community Blog – Heisman Challenge
    NCAA Football Blog Heisman-blog-header_656x369
    Posted by Paakaa10 on May 29, 2012

    Hi NCAA fans, Brian Parker from EA SPORTS Game Changers here to share all the details about the newest feature in NCAA Football 13. Since 1935, the Heisman Trophy has been awarded to 74 different college football players judged to be the most outstanding athlete in a given season....

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  • 20120602
    Playbook 4 Heisman Challenge


    For the first time in franchise history, familiar faces are now on the field in NCAA Football 13, where fans can build...

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  • 20120508
    Playbook 3 Dynasty Improvements
    NCAA Football Blog 05072012-NCAAFB-Dynasty-Improvements-Blogheader_656x369

    Posted by Jordan Peterson on May 7, 2012

    Dynasty Improvements

    Hi NCAA Football fans, Jordan Peterson here and I’m happy to be the one to discuss the new additions and improvements to Dynasty mode. Developing new features for such a deep mode that is also a fan favorite is always an exciting challenge. This year, we have focused...

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  • 20120508
    Playbook 3 Dynasty Presentation
    NCAA Football Blog 05072012-NCAAFB-Dynasty-Presentation-Blogheader_656x369

    371 Views • 14 Comments • Posted by Christian McLeod on May 7, 2012

    Hi NCAA Football Fans!

    Christian McLeod, NCAA Football 13 designer, here again, and today I get to tell you about one of the most exciting new additions to the presentation of NCAA Football 13’s Dynasty mode- The ESPN Bottom Line and Studio Updates.

    Every week college football tells a story- the upsets,...

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  • 20120427
    Playbook 2 Gameplay
    NCAA Football Blog 04112012-NCAA13-Gameplay-Blogheader_656x369

    NCAA Football 13 - Gameplay

    With many teams around the nation participating...

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  • 20120403
    Playbook 1 Presentation
    Sights and Sounds Presentation
    NCAA Football Blog 04022012-NCAAFB13-Presentation-Blogheader_656x369
    Hello NCAA Nation,

    I’m Jeff Ostergaard the Art Director for NCAA Football 13. It’s been a pleasure to direct the visuals for this year’s product, as we celebrate our 20th Anniversary. This cycle we’ve made some unprecedented choices when looking back over the 20 year history of the product. I can’t wait to share with...

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  • 20120403
    Playbook 1 Audio

    NCAA Football Blog 04022012-NCAAFB13-Audio-Blogheader_656x369
    Hi NCAA Fans,

    Christian McLeod, NCAA Football 13 designer, and I’m here to talk a bit about the audio and commentary improvements...

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  • 20120330
    1st Edition
    NCAA Football Blog 03122012-NCAA13-HeismanVote-Marquee_972

    Playbook #1: Sights & Sounds
    Revel in the pageantry of college football game days with NCAA Football 13. Featuring new team run-outs, mascots and pre-game traditions along with significantly enhanced audio and new trophy presentations, NCAA Football 13 will deliver the passion and excitement of college football to fans across the nation.
    Check back April 2 for further details, assets and insights from...

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  • 20110719
    2012 OD Web Page
    We're hard at work redesigning the Online Dynasty website to bring you improved performance and usability.

    It should be ready soon! For a preview, check the images below.

    NCAA Football Blog ComingSoon1

    NCAA Football Blog ComingSoon2

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  • 20110621
    NCAA Football 12 Demo Ustream Event
    NCAA Football 12 Demo Ustream Event
    Posted by Aaron Boulding at 19:00PM on Monday, June, 20, 2011

    NCAA Football Blog NcaaFootball12Cover
    The demo for NCAA Football 12 drops next week and to prepare you for the occasion we rolled out 60 minutes of live streaming video full of info, insight and answers to your biggest questions on the demo.

    Head to Ustream now for the recording of the live event you missed and you’ll get a sneak peek at the demo, Road to Glory and lots of love...

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  • 20110614
    Find Yourself on the Road to Glory
    NCAA Football Blog NcaaFootball12Cover
    Find Yourself on the Road to Glory
    Posted by Aaron Boulding at 17:41PM on Monday, June, 13, 2011

    High school football is where it all starts.

    Football is king and in NCAA Football 12 you can take control of a full high school season - where 99% of us saw our football careers peak - before storming big time college ball with the new Road to Glory mode. It'll be like your favorite high school football movie, but now you'll find out what...

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  • 20110527
    Dynasty Tuning
    NCAA Football Blog NcaaFootball12Cover

    Hi NCAA Football fans, NCAA Football 12 designer Jordan Peterson here once again, this time to discuss some of the other improvements that have been made to Dynasty mode this year. This blog is going to focus on some of the tuning that was done this year to improve your overall Dynasty experience as well as answer some of the questions that have come up after the other Dynasty blogs were released this week. As you are about to see, based on your feedback we've...

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  • 20110527
    Custom Conferences
    NCAA Football Blog NcaaFootball12Cover
    Hey Everyone, Ben Haumiller here to give you the details on the new Custom Conferences feature in NCAA Football 12.

    This is without a doubt one of the deepest features added to the game in years. With conference membership movements, conference rule changes, and editing BCS bowl tie-ins the combinations you can make in your Dynasty are almost endless. Plus, you can make updates in future years of the Dynasty, which not only allows you to make updates...

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  • 20110526
    Custom Playbooks
    NCAA Football Blog NcaaFootball12Cover
    Hi NCAA Football fans, NCAA Football 12 designer Jordan Peterson here, and I could not be happier to provide some more information about one of the many new features of NCAA Football 12: Custom Playbooks. In this particular blog, I will be walking you through the process of creating a Custom Playbook.

    First, let me establish some basics for custom playbooks, and address some of the questions I have seen on the forums. You will be able to create 30 Playbooks,...

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  • 20110526
    Web Improvements
    NCAA Football Blog NcaaFootball12Cover
    Hey Everyone, Ben Haumiller back to talk more in depth about what you can expect when you take your Online Dynasty to the web in NCAA Football 12.

    As we’ve already announced, the two biggest additions to the Dynasty web experience this year are the ability to advance the week from the web and the ability to use the new Super Sim app to play your games vs. CPU opponents. However, before we get into those I wanted to take a moment and clear up a couple...

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  • 20110526
    Coach Carousel
    NCAA Football Blog NcaaFootball12Cover
    Hi NCAA Football fans, NCAA Football 12 designer Jordan Peterson here, and it is my privilege to provide you with a more in-depth view of one of the new features in Dynasty, Coach Carousel. Coach Carousel has been one of the top requested features each year from the community and the new addition of coaches, and contracts, will add even more depth to Dynasty.

    When starting an Online, or Offline Dynasty, you will be able to create a new coach or...

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  • 20110526
    NCAA 12 Inside Look Entry #3
    NCAA Football Blog Ncaa125.23createacoach
    This year's installment throws a number of new features at its Dynasty mode, and we tell you exactly how you can make your mark.


    Custom Conferences

    Instead of just being able to swap teams between conferences, now you can expand or shrink conferences from four to sixteen teams
    You can set conference...

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  • 20110524
    Dynasty Overview
    NCAA Football Blog NcaaFootball12Cover
    Hey everyone, Ben Haumiller here and we’ve reached one of my favorite points of the year, Dynasty time. This week you will see a lot of news coming out about our new improvements to Dynasty, but before that gets started I wanted to talk a little about what we added, why we added the features we did, and answer a few of the questions I’ve seen come up so far. Let’s get into the features:

    Coaching Carousel (full blog posted on 5/24)


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  • 20110524
    Gameplay Entry #1
    Hey NCAA fans! It's Scantlebury here to give you some insight on what the Central Gameplay team has been cooking up for the NCAA Football 12 title. We’ve touched several core areas of gameplay including: tackling, blocking, catching, and coverage. The changes we have made will be evident on the very first play of the game and I’m not talking about your first snap – I mean from the opening Kickoff. Let me tell you a little bit about what we’re doing for each of the core areas of gameplay to give you guys a brand new gaming experience.

    NO MORE SUCTION ON TACKLES. Yeah you read that correctly....

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